Welcome to StephenGalvin.com where I am planting lots of the bits and pieces about my music as I create them online.I have now moved to Cdbaby as my digital (and physical) distributor which makes it easy to download MP3s or FLACs or buy CDs. The best way to get CDs with the full sleeve + artwork is through me personally.
As I mention wherever possible, this album was written mostly for my own therapeutic benefit, but certainly with the empathy for people whose lives resonate with mine. I am lucky to have not suffered from severe mental illness, but there are many out there who do, and I think that at least a small portion might enjoy this album and receive benefit from its lyrics, which document different pathways through the psyche whereby one may embrace or escape suffering, wherein one may achieve stronger and fitter mental clarity and wellness.This is not music of depression, but rather the music which helps me come through rough patches in my life. I hope it might do the same for others.For this reason, I offer the album for free to those who are suffering who feel they may like it, or for people you think may like it. Likewise, if you have very little money, you can offer what you like for the album and I will send you a copy, or if you prefer MP3s you can download them for free.

I do not recommend buying the physical CD from Amazon as they do not provide the actual sleeves, but a simpler CD-R.


Here is a song of mine, with Lea Miklody on cello, set to the beautiful artwork of shamanic artist and practitioner, Will Trua.

Thanks for listening, and for your support.