Finding its legs

A new website, a few gigs, CDs in shops and in the hands of my friendly funders, the CD has also flown home, and a few copies resting in West Cork, where my story began, and re-began. Appearances in Cork this month: the Sextant on July 4th and in Gulp on July 19th. Looking forward to the launch concerts!

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FundIt Campaign

Wow I can’t believe the FundIt campaign is at 28% after only a day and a half, thanks to many very generous people. I’m up on the FundIt site next to The Walls who are raising €10,000, and Chequerboard, one of my favourite Irish acts in a long time, who already reached his goal of €8,000. Well I’ve got high hopes now, and we’ll keep plugging the campaign. Can’t wait for the printed copies in my hand, and sending out the CDs and artwork to everyone, it’ll be great! Thanks to everything in the world and beyond everything and everything!

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Holy Moly

FundIt campaign just reached 100% today, gots to get going on the cover and all the lots of lovely free gifts. What a great gift. Listening to CocoRosie to give my ears a break from lsitening to various versions and arrangements of the album prior to final mixing before mastering next week. Great stuff

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